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Horse Pilot
  • Horse Pilot men's riding boots

    Our men's riding boots adapted to riding

    Thanks to years of research and discussions with professional riders, we have developed boots that meet the most demanding needs. The design of these riding shoes takes into account the specificities of this essential equipment for riders.

    High-end riding boots for men

    Taking into account the particularities of each equestrian discipline, we have designed men riding boots comfortable and resistant while maintaining an elegance appreciated in horse riding. The materials used are carefully selected to create quality riding boots. Our men's boots are perfectly adapted to the male morphology and to the needs of the most demanding riders.

    Technical riding boots for men

    Riding boots in 3D Knit (slips on like a sock)

    We have created a revolutionary boot for the comfort of riders. Its design uses flexible and resistant materials. Easy to put on, the Horse Pilot rider boot slips on like a sock in the blink of an eye. Its mesh structure allows it to stay in place while following the movements of the rider, both on horseback and on foot.

    Competition riding boots for men

    Like many riders, we love riding competitions and we thought of creating boots authorized in the competition dress code. Available in different colours, they will adapt to the outfit required for each discipline.

    Men's riding boots reinforced for safety (toe reinforcement, ankle protection, etc.)

    The safety of the rider is a primary concern when creating equipment for equestrian sports. Our boots have reinforcements on sensitive areas. The tip of the foot is reinforced. The area around the ankle offers better protection while maintaining flexibility thanks to a flexible and resistant accordion mesh.

    Men's riding boots with grips

    To ensure good balance when jumping or turning, studs are provided under the sole. Finally, a specific texture on the inside of the calf allows the boot to stay in place on the horse's side. This area also helps protect the leg from the effects of friction.

    Comfortable riding boots (without closure, adaptation to the calf,...)

    Riding boots offer several closure systems. The laces have the advantage of adapting well to the shape of the calf, but they have the disadvantage of taking a long time to set up. The zipper allows you to put your boots on quickly, but it stiffens the upper of the boot and affects comfort. The Horse Pilot Teknit boot offers another type of closure, without laces, without zips and quick to put on. The Teknit boot is among the most comfortable in the world.

    Riding boots that adapt to the morphology of the calf (adjustable upper and stretchable calf part)

    The innovation of Horse Pilot boots lies in the structure of the upper. Ultra-resistant and stretchy, its unique design allows it to adapt to all body types. An accordion mesh located at the top of the calf allows adjustment to all leg heights. Finally, the 3D mesh stretches or contracts to adjust perfectly to the calf.

    High-performance riding boots for men (resistance, flexibility, etc.)

    The 3D knit allows you to maintain great flexibility when bending while providing resistance equal to that of leather. A reinforced area inside the calf provides better balance, and lastly, the innovative sole, both in terms of its structure and its various materials, helps the rider in his quest for performance.

    Rider boots for men
    Rider boots for men

    Masculine, designer riding boots for horseback riding

    Our stylish men's riding boots

    The dress code on horseback counts in the score of the jury during competitions or even in daily practice. For riders looking for style and elegance, we offer competition riding boots seamless and without laces, with a design modern and discreet.

    Our tight-fitting men's riding boots

    Teknit boots are made of a material that adapts perfectly to the particular shape of the rider's leg. Whatever your morphology, the Horse Pilot boots will be molded to your leg.

    Our high upper riding boots for riders

    To maximize rider comfort, boots with a high upper promote better support during movement.

    Riding boots adapted to the season and the weather

    Men's riding boots for winter

    Thanks to the exceptional stretch of the 3D knit mesh, the Horse Pilot riding boots support thicker clothing in the cold season. Conversely, the light mesh improves ventilation during the summer and thus prevents the rider from getting too hot.

    Lightweight men's riding boots with breathable sole for summer

    The soles of Horse Pilot riding boots have been given special attention. The sole has studs that provide good grip both in the saddle and on foot. The structure under the sole makes it possible to evacuate the sand from the quarry and to avoid skidding in the stirrups. A polyurethane arch helps the rider maintain good balance in the saddle. Finally, the EVA interior floor provides cushioning in all circumstances.

    Your black or brown men's riding boots with Horse Pilot

    Depending on the discipline practiced and your tastes, you can choose between several colors of riding boots. Black boots are particularly suitable for competitions. Brown boots are more intended for dressage or leisure.

    How to choose your men's riding boots?

    Riding boots adapted to the level of the rider

    Depending on your level of riding, your requirement will be directed to different elements. We want to satisfy all riders by offering quality products. Horse Pilot boots are suitable for experienced riders as well as professional riders.

    Men's riding boots adapted to equestrian disciplines

    Boots are part of the rider's equipment and clothing is regulated in certain disciplines. In CSO, the outfit requires black boots. In dressage, brown boots are tolerated. When hiking, there are no regulations regarding boots, you can decide to go for warm lined boots or for light and waterproof boots.

    Size guide for men's riding boots

    Horse Pilot's Teknit boot fits all leg heights and calf sizes. All you have to do is choose your size.

    How to maintain men's riding boots?

    Rider boots for men