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  • Horse Pilot girl's riding polo shirts and t-shirts 10 - 14 years

    For a girl rider, it is essential to have a polo shirt or t-shirt suitable for riding. Known for its technical sportswear, the Horse Pilot brand has developed a range of t-shirts and horse riding tops for girls aged 10 to 14 years.

    Girl polo shirts and t-shirts suitable for pony and horse riding

    Horse Pilot's kids horse riding polo shirts and t-shirts are the perfect ally for practicing horseback riding. At once aesthetic, technical and comfortable, they will delight young riders. In addition, they guarantee great comfort when riding or for stable work.

    Discover our brand of high-end girls' riding polo shirts and t-shirts

    The Horse Pilot brand, known for its innovations in horse and rider gear, offers young female riders a collection of high-end t-shirts and polo shirts. They are sure to find their happiness thanks to high quality models, with various cuts and colors, materials adapted to horse riding and remarkable technical qualities.

    The Horse Pilot girls' collection of riding polo shirts

    The Horse Pilot brand has developed a collection of riding polo shirts and t-shirts specifically for young girls. It consists of many varied models adapted to all morphologies, tastes and budgets. This collection is aesthetic thanks to its varied cuts. It is also composed of high-performance pieces thanks to their technical qualities. Each of them will suit all tastes and all occasions. The boys also have boys horse riding polo shirts.

    Feminine colors for your riding polo

    Comfort on horseback also requires an aesthetically pleasing outfit in which female riders feel good. That's why the Horse Pilot brand has developed a wide choice of colors for women's and girls' riding polo shirts and t-shirts. We find different colors such as white, black, blue, brown, red or green. This allows each little rider to choose the color or colors she likes, but also to change the color of polo according to her desires. They will also be able to match the color of their riding polo with that of their pants, jacket, or even their rug.

    The different types of riding polo shirts and t-shirts girl

    To help every young rider find the perfect polo shirt, the Horse Pilot brand has developed different types of riding polo shirts and t-shirts for girls. Long-sleeved or short-sleeved, button-down or zip-up, plain or printed, and with different materials and types of weaves: every rider will find something to suit her needs and be able to wear these polo shirts for any occasion.

    Short or long sleeves

    It is essential to have a t-shirt or a polo shirt adapted to one's tastes but also to the temperature. Thus, Horse Pilot offers short-sleeved riding polo shirts for the summer, and long-sleeved polo shirts. The latter are more adapted to the end of the day, when the coolness starts to be felt. A long-sleeved polo is also perfect for mid-season, or to wear under a jacket or coat, allowing for multiple thin layers.

    Button or zipped

    The collar of a polo shirt has the particularity of being able to open or close, unlike a classic t-shirt. To suit every rider's taste, Horse Pilot offers polo shirts with either a zipper closure (with a zipper) or a traditional closure (with buttons). Everyone can choose the option they find most aesthetically pleasing.

    The quality of the material and weave

    The quality of the weave and the material are important criteria to consider when choosing a polo shirt. Generally, either jersey or pique knit is chosen. The latter makes the fabric stretchy and very easy to maintain. As for jersey, it is soft, supple and lightweight, ideal for summer.

    Girls horse riding polo shirts
    Girls horse riding polo shirts

    Technical riding tops for riding

    After having already made various technical innovations, the Horse Pilot brand continues its work with its polo shirts and riding shirts for girls. These pieces are comfortable, technical and high-performance. Without forgetting their aestheticism based on various cuts and colors.

    Comfortable polo shirts and t-shirts for girls

    Horse Pilot girls' riding polo shirts were designed for riding. They are comfortable thanks to varied and adapted cuts: they allow to keep a great freedom of movement. They are both light and resistant, which makes them perfect for riding. In addition, their stretch material ideally follows the movements of riders when working in the stable or riding.

    Girl-friendly performance polos

    Horse Pilot polo shirts are high performance and perfectly suited for horseback riding. They are durable and have great breathability. Depending on their material, they adapt to both cold and hot temperatures. Finally, they are lightweight and do not hinder the freedom of movement of riders.

    Design polo shirts and riding shirts for riding

    It's crucial to be comfortable in your riding clothes, and their aesthetics have a role to play. The design of Horse Pilot riding polo shirts and t-shirts is very varied: with or without pockets, various cuts, tight or not, long or short sleeves, etc. Thus, each rider will be able to find the ideal model that will suit her best.

    How to choose your teenage girl's riding polo shirt.

    To properly choose a teenage rider's riding polo shirt, the first thing to do is to find the perfect size. It is also interesting to choose colors that match her tastes, in order to create outfits that she will appreciate and that will please her. In addition, it is best to opt for a breathable garment that is comfortable to wear.

    How to match the colors in your outfit

    There are different ways to marry colors to create an aesthetic outfit. The first option is to stay very classic: black, white and gray tones to go with everything and remain classic in all circumstances. For a more sparkling outfit, you can combine a brightly colored polo shirt with simpler pants, for example white or black. Conversely, a white cotton polo shirt with more colorful pants will look great.

    What size polo to choose

    To ride a horse, it is essential to wear clothes whose size perfectly matches the morphology of the rider. To choose a polo shirt, it is therefore necessary to adapt it to the size of the rider, her weight, but also, from a certain age, her chest size. To help the riders to make the right choice, Horse Pilot provides a size guide. For a polo shirt, taking measurements is the same as for a shirt.

    How to care for your child's riding polo shirt

    To properly care for a riding polo shirt, first consult the garment's label and follow the directions on the label. Generally, we recommend washing the polo shirt inside out and at a temperature of 30°C. This will preserve the quality of the fabric and the technical qualities of the garment. In addition, it is ideal to use a natural detergent without residue and not to add softener. Finally, it is strongly recommended to prefer a natural drying instead of putting the riding polo in the dryer.

    Girls horse riding polo shirts