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  • Are riding breeches with grip better than without grip?

    riding pants with knee pads

    Like all athletes, horse riders seek clothes that combine comfort, solidity, robustness, and support while maintaining their elegance. In addition to being waterproof and breathable, trouser legs can have grips. Riding breeches equipped with grips meet all these requirements, specifically in the equestrian world. Easy to put on and very comfortable to wear in summer and winter, it will be your ally in the practice of your sport.

    What are riding trousers with grip?

    Literally, the translation of "grip" could be "handle". One of its best-known applications is the fabric glued around the tennis racket's handle, which prevents the player from dropping it during a sudden movement. Therefore, the grip refers to a non-slip material that is added to an accessory to prevent slipping and ensure support. It can be made of very soft leather or a technical textile, such as silicon. In the case of riding trousers, the grip can be partial or full for more complete support.

    Traditionally, the grip was made of leather to ensure this grip with robustness: a thin and very flexible protective skin. We have adopted the new technologies used by the textile industry to offer high-performance alternatives. Riders deserve to have riding breeches in their wardrobe that bring them comfort, well-being and elegance.

    The importance of grip quality (longevity, effect)

    Made from spandex lycra, a synthetic fiber for sportswear, riding pants are no exception to this rule. At Horse Pilot, our mission is to use technological innovations to benefit the horse/rider couple.

    The grip is designed to reinforce the cohesion between the athlete's movements and their mount: the horse. Its use is now widespread and even fashionable. It is all the more important to pay attention to the quality of all the models available on the market. Therefore, we have developed substantial and comfortable materials for our riding trousers. Riding jodhpurs with grip benefits from the same guarantees as all our clothing.

    The garment is breathable and comfortable - adapted to morphologies with a fitted cut from the hip to the ankle, the movements can remain free in all circumstances. Textiles must resist friction without damaging either the skin or the saddle. Depending on uses and climatic conditions, models, whether for men or women, must now be able to meet the requirements of different sports practices while still retaining an elegant design.

    The different types of grip (Partial: between the thighs or full: with the entire seat)

    There are different types of grip locations on riding breeches. The place of insertion of the anti-slip surface depends on the level and practices. A partial grip only covers the point of contact between the knee and the saddle or the buttocks and the inner thighs. The full bottom completely covers the buttocks and the entire length of the inside of the legs in the non-slip material.

    The effects of grip depending on its position on the riding pants

    The grip helps fasten the knees to the saddle. This position is quite difficult to master for beginners. The anti-slip fabric makes it easier to hold the joint in place, the leg then descends more naturally, and the heels-down position is better perceived. Young riders can fix their aids better. After that, this type of model of riding pants with grip is just a tool at the rider's service to focus their attention on other points of detail, such as the position of the hands, for example. It is also very popular in show jumping, where the knee position is essential whatever the vagaries of the horse course.

    Those who want to maintain great stability in the saddle are won over by the integral bottoms and full grip. This is particularly the case of the rider or the rider in dressage. The stabilization of the riding breeches remains impeccable despite small bumps in the terrain or any loss of balance of the horse. The independence of the hands is reinforced by the seat of the lower body, which is very stable.

    Grip breeches
    Grip breeches

    Riding pants with Horse Pilot grip, clothing made to last

    At Horse Pilot, the different models of riding pants with grip are designed to meet the expectations of horse people as well as possible. Wear and dirt are the daily lot of riders. We have chosen to sew stretch fabric to adapt to your movements. Maintenance and repair are fully included in all the specifications for each garment we sell. This is how maintenance instructions and eco-responsible solutions have been developed for greater ease of use.

    In addition, our repair service is there to ensure a long life for the riding pants sold by us with or without grip, as for all our other products. Zip replacement or the repair of a tear are free during the warranty period, but we are also committed to offering this service at a reasonable price thereafter.

    Which riding breeches with grip should you choose?

    Riding pants adapted to your level (beginner, advanced, competition)

    Horseback riding can be occasional or very frequent. The beginner rider will choose riding trousers for their comfort and material and color: beige, brown, royal blue. You will easily find black breeches for women in our collection. On the other hand, the more the practice becomes frequent, the more the choice of technical materials will be necessary. Jumping in a quarry, carousel dressage, a hack in the forest, each of these activities requires thinking about the impermeability, the UV resistance of your full-bottomed pants.

    Even the white competition breeches, reserved for competitions, can benefit from Horse Pilot's technical innovations and localized grip according to everyone's needs and in all sizes. You will be able to compete in a showjumping competition with riding pants which could help you have an edge.

    Riding pants with partial grip or full grip?

    Equestrian practices are diverse, and some riders do not want to adopt riding breeches with grip. Some are afraid of losing their skill; others do not appreciate the feeling it gives. However, choosing a knee grip to try out is a good alternative as it helps to understand the effect of the non-slip material against the leather of the saddle.

    One thing is sure, the full grip will not replace the experience and level of skill of the person who puts it on. The materials are technological innovations; the grip on breeches for men, women's or children's trousers is a good example. The full grip is highly recommended for those already comfortable on horseback. For the others, a gradual widening of the non-slip areas seems to be the strategy most widely adopted by users of riding breeches with grip. What matters most is that you choose a comfortable pair and meet your requirements.

    To try on the pants and be sure of your choice, go to the saddlery at our partner retailers. Finally, to benefit from the best offers, check out our outlets and stay tuned for sales

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