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  • Keep white breeches white?

    Care guides for your riding clothes.

    entretien des pantalons blancs

    Washing instructions for white riding pants

    White riding pants are traditionally worn during horse shows: show jumping or dressage events. They are white by tradition to allow a better appreciation by the judges of the posture of the rider. The rules of the federations generally specify a "correct dress required".

    It is therefore important for the competitor to keep his dressage impeccably clean. The environment of the horses is conducive to staining their equipment. It can be difficult to keep them white and clean, especially after a day of riding.

    In this article, we present tips and tricks for keeping your riding pants white as new, so you can shine on the trail.

    garder un pantalon blanc
    Conseils pour maintenir un pantalon blanc (modèle présenté : pantalon de dressage x-dress)

    Stains on your white riding pants? Don't panic, we have several solutions for you, but don't immediately think of washing in the machine!

    If the machine does not remove your pants, it will fix the stain and make it more difficult to remove later.

    First of all: identify the origin of the stain

    🌱 For grass stains:

    We advise you to rub the textile with an ice cube (the effect of cold helps to disincrust the particles unlike heat) then add little by little white vinegar and rub again with cold water then leave for 30 minutes to 1 hour before machine washing.

    🧼 For grease or other stains:

    A stubborn spot of grease can happen quickly

    • grease for hooves,,

    • shoe polish for horse tack,

    • lipstick,

    • grease,

    • greasy food oil stains...

    To do this, you can use natural Marseille soap and Percarbonate of soda always with cold water and leave for 30 minutes to 1 hour before machine washing.

    There are eco-detergent Marseille soaps enriched with soap nuts that can be used as a stain remover or pre-stain remover. To do this, rub the stain directly with the soap previously moistened before washing. For more delicate textiles, gently rub your wet laundry with the soap foam. Let it soak for 10 minutes and rinse it with water.

    Garder son pantalon blanc

    🎯 Targeted stain removal products.

    Stains can appear at any time and vary greatly in nature. To make it easier to find the right product to remove the stain, products like the "Stain Remover Devil" target stains to be removed specifically; they are best suited for each situation. You can find them in this guide to stain removal products if you need them.

    😎🤍 To revive your white colors:

    We also recommend VANISH Gel Oxi Action Gold White 30° usable directly in the machine, accompanied by mild or organic detergent.

    When washing, prefer a cycle at 30°C maximum, avoid fabric softener, bleach and harmful detergents. Wash only with white clothes.

    💨 How to dry your pants?

    For drying this time, favor natural air drying to preserve the product over time.

    If despite these tips, you do not manage, contact us via our form or directly by phone: +33 4 99 54 63 52

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