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Horse Pilot
  • Horse Pilot women's riding jackets

    Ride in style in any weather. That's what we offer with our women's riding jackets. Warm or light, choose your technical and modern horse riding jacket to spend hours on horseback and in the stable in style.

    Our riding jackets for women riders

    Your women's horse rider jacket should be able to go anywhere with you. On a horseback ride in the rain, or in a grooming session at the stable. You are a demanding rider: your riding clothes must be comfortable, efficient and elegant at the same time. Horse Pilot is thinking of you with its range of riding jackets for women who ride.

    A premium riding jacket brand for women

    Buying a equestrian jacket Horse Pilot means investing in a coat, down jacket or waterproof jacket that meets your requirements. Because you need several jackets to face all situations, our range is varied. The choice of cut, color and style with careful finishing is yours alone. What's more, they're practical with their accessible pockets and easy-to-close systems. And each one has its little tricks.

    The Horse Pilot women's riding jacket collection

    A softshell jacket here, a lightweight waterproof jacket there, or a breathable, fitted down jacket. Unless you're a warm parka style with a liner... Shelter your upper body with maximum comfort for your movements, but with taste.

    Feminine colors for your Horse Pilot riding jacket

    The colors remain sober for horseback riding. But, sober doesn't mean bland. Showcase your femininity with beautiful colors. The classic elegance of black, the softness of dark or light blue, or variations of green for a touch of nature. Unless you prefer the pep of red or the discretion of gray... There are also men's horse riding jacket.

    Women's riding jackets adapted to the seasons and the weather

    Cover yourself according to your needs. Enjoy your horse no matter the season. To face the winter cold or the summer rain, we have your solution.

    Women's summer and mid-season jackets

    Cope with the fluctuating temperatures of spring and fall with a sleeveless mid-season jacket. Lightweight and breathable, a style like the Rider Vest can even be worn as a liner for your waterproof horse riding jacket. When the summer rain arrives, our lightweight waterproof jackets like the Raintech are ideal. And they don't take up space when you take them off.

    Women's Softshell Jackets

    Stay dry in all conditions with the protection of a Softshell jacket. This material is waterproof, breathable and windproof all at the same time. This way, your sweat wicks away, but rainwater doesn't get in.

    Women's winter jackets

    Enjoy our warm, waterproof jackets while riding in the snow. The cuts of winter jackets are made to keep you comfortable and mobile by protecting you from wind intrusion in the back, sleeves or neck. Hoods come in handy and follow your head movements.

    Women's horse riding jacket
    Women's horse riding jacket

    Technical riding jackets for women who ride

    Your practice of an equestrian sport requires you to equip yourself with suitable technical riding jackets. They should provide you with comfort and performance, both for work in the stable and on your riding saddle.

    Comfortable riding jackets

    In bombers with its short cut or as a long coat, your Horse Pilot jacket is fit for the equestrian world. In the saddle, chatting with riders or while grooming the horse, the fit is snug. Gussets or snaps allow you to sit without discomfort. Leaning over to pass an obstacle or to clean the hooves, the wind has no hold on you. The hoods adapt to your use and not the other way around. They can be stored, attached by snap or magnet and are as unobtrusive as possible when put on. Some models have discreet zipper openings that provide extra ventilation during your intense efforts.

    Performance riding jackets for women

    Keep your freedom of movement with our durable, dual-material jackets. Enjoy your outdoor sport to the fullest. Your lightweight summer jacket and long winter coat are designed with state-of-the-art technology. Every part of the body is covered with the ideal material to achieve optimal windproof and waterproof quality, while maintaining maximum breathability. Your riding jacket offers the best possible coverage with neat finishes: convenient zippers or snaps, velcro that won't snag hair, heat-bonded seams and convenient, well-placed pockets.

    Designer riding jackets for riding

    Your quest for aesthetics is rewarded with designer jackets that are modern and authentic at the same time. Long or short, quilted or not, our line of women's riding jackets offers you a 100% feminine fit. So performance rhymes with elegance in all circumstances.

    How do women riders choose their riding jackets?

    The use of your riding gear is the key selection criteria. Choosing a waterproof training jacket, a fleece-lined down jacket or a women's equestrian show jackets is not the same.

    A riding jacket tailored to your level

    Even if the beginner rider starts out with what she has in her closet, the need to invest in riding clothes that are well-suited to the practice of an equestrian sport will quickly become apparent. Not an experienced rider yet? Our jackets are worn by riders of all levels, both outdoors and in competition. Great riders, such as Laura Kraut, can actually testify to this.

    A riding jacket for every equestrian discipline

    In Hunter or show jumping like Taylor Kain or in eventing like Phoebe Locke, find the right riding jacket for your discipline. No matter if you're going out for international jumping, interclub dressage competitions, or a trail ride, our versatile jackets go with you.

    Women's size guide to buying a riding jacket

    To choose your riding jacket size, check out our sizing chart. Compare your size (size 32 to 44 for France) to the size (from XS to XXXL) Horse Pilot. In general, you can base your size on your usual coat size. In case of error, contact us for an exchange.

    Which riding jacket to choose based on your body type?

    How to maintain a riding jacket.

    As with your show jacket, there's no need to wash your riding jackets and coats too often.

    Wash less in the machine

    This saves the planet and your sports and non-sportswear. Got dust or mud on your riding jacket? Shake it off and rub it with your hand or a damp cloth. If needed, give your riding gear a fresh look with a deodorizer.

    For machine washing

    Use a gentle detergent like our technical clothing detergent. Wash your equestrian jackets inside out after closing all zippers, velcro and snaps to preserve them. Put them on with similar colors, especially to preserve pastel colors. Select a synthetic program at 30°C maximum, without fabric softener and with a spin speed of 60 rpm. For padded or down jackets, such as down jackets, opt for the down or delicate program.

    Fast-drying technical clothing

    Our technical jackets air dry quickly. The tumble dryer, often too hot, damages them. On a down jacket model, pat it evenly to distribute the feathers as it dries. Reboost the waterproofing of your riding jacket with a waterproofing product.

    Women's horse riding jacket