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    Riding boots are an essential for Horse riding. Horse Pilot …

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    Men's Riding Boots by Horse Pilot

    Completing one's equipment with riding boots for men is essential for any rider, whether a beginner or experienced. The range of high boot models is just as diverse as for women. The cuts vary, and their technical features are evolving, ensuring that every man finds the perfect fit. Horse Pilot has introduced a revolutionary boot: the Teknit Boot. While the model was initially launched for women, men have not been forgotten. Explore our riding boots for women.

    Our Riding Boots for Men Tailored to Equestrian Practice

    We are always attentive to your needs as a rider. That's why we drew inspiration from technologies used in other sports. We've incorporated the best of them to develop high-performance riding boots. This brings you the Teknit Boot, offering the comfort of a sneaker in a boot, thanks to its specialized sole that promotes:

    • Sand evacuation and foot flexion with its cleats.

    • Rider stability with its polyurethane arch.

    • Cushioning with its EVA midsole.

    Premium Riding Boots for Men

    At Horse Pilot, technology serves durable and refined quality. Assert your style with a pair of high Horse Pilot riding boots for men. The riding boots we develop reflect our brand: elite yet accessible to all, allowing the rider to enjoy their horse without worrying about their look or comfort.

    The Horse Pilot Men's Riding Boots Collection

    Black boots with a snug fit, enhanced by the elegance of 3D Knit mesh with multiple qualities. A comfortable boot from toe to top, including the soles. After trying our rider boots for men, you'll leave your leather boots and laced ankle boots in the closet.

    Your Black or Brown Riding Boots for Men with Horse Pilot

    Today, leather riding boots come in a wide array of colors. However, tradition dictates black or brown for your riding boots. For competitions, it's advisable to inquire about practices before opting for a colored model. Competition riding boots vary depending on the equestrian discipline. Show jumping accepts them, but dressage juries still tend to prefer black.

    Riding Boots for Men Adapted to Seasons and Weather

    To avoid accumulating too many pairs of shoes, choosing a quality pair of boots takes up less space than a collection of winter riding boots and summer boots.

    Winter Riding Boots for Men

    Higher than riding shoes, waterproof boots also protect against the winter cold when in the saddle. The high shaft and absence of laces increase leg coverage without false fur. Additionally, there are winter riding boots.

    Lightweight Riding Boots for Summer with Breathable Soles

    No more sweaty feet after a good ride or a sunny trail with boots featuring breathable material.

    Technical Riding Boots for Men

    A man can also have style with technical riding boots.

    3D Knit Horse Riding Boots

    Like true custom riding boots, the stretchable mesh of the Teknit Boot is knitted to measure. This is practical, as it simply slips on like a sock, providing a snug-fitting riding boot without uncomfortable folds.

    Competition Riding Boots for Men

    For your dressage or show jumping competitions, there's no need to accumulate multiple pairs of riding boots. A pair of low-heeled boots that combine the best of technological quality is sufficient.

    Reinforced Riding Boots for Men for Safety

    A reinforcement at the toe protects the toes from the horse's hooves. An accordion-shaped form at the ankle in 3D mesh provides better protection. And non-slip soles for improved stability.

    Riding Boots for Men with Grips

    Well-placed grips on the inner face of the boot increase contact between the rider and the smooth leather of the saddle, facilitating better communication with the horse.

    Comfortable Riding Boots for Riders

    A simple and well-fitting riding boot prevents injuries, pinching, and irritation. The Teknit Boot has no closures or laces and adapts to all men.

    Riding Boots that Adapt to Calf Morphology

    Thanks to the 4-way stretch 3D Knit mesh, the Teknit Boot stretches in height and width. Thus, the shaft is adjustable, and the calf area is extensible.

    High-Performance Riding Boots for Men

    A man's performance on horseback also depends on the performance of his boots. They should be durable for long-lasting use and intensive practice. They should offer flexibility and good cushioning for easy riding and ground work. And a waterproof boot top...

    Masculine and Stylish Riding Boots for Riding

    Elevate your look with style. Opt for ergonomic men's boots with refined finishes.

    Our Elegant Riding Boots for Men

    Embrace your rider's elegance with quality boots. The Teknit Boot elevates its original style with its seamless mesh, free of laces.

    Snug-Fitting Riding Boots for Men

    A boot should fit well. The stretchable mesh of the Teknit Boot ensures the rider's comfort, both in the saddle and while working the horse in hand.

    High Shaft Riding Boots for Riders

    To cover the calf well, the boot must be high without causing discomfort, pinching, or irritation, like the Teknit Boot with its mesh border.

    How to Choose Your Men's Riding Boots?

    What size to take? A model with laces or a closure? Classic leather or with elastic inserts? Finding your boot model can be challenging given the range of riding boot sizes and styles available.

    Riding Boots Tailored to the Rider's Level

    The technical requirements for riding boots increase with the rider's level of expertise. While a budget-conscious beginner might choose rubber boots, an experienced rider opts for black leather riding boots that can be worn in competitions.

    Riding Boots for Men Adapted to Equestrian Disciplines

    Thick soles for trail riding, sturdy leather for dressage, or thin leather to maintain flexibility in show jumping (CSO)—riding boot models vary according to your discipline.

    Guide to Sizes / Shoe Sizes for Men's Riding Boots

    For classic leather boots, in addition to your shoe size, measure the circumference of your calf. Add about 0.5 cm for your strongest calf. Then, measure the shaft height from the floor to your kneecap. The choice of the Horse Pilot riding boot is based solely on shoe size. Other measurements are unnecessary.

    How to Maintain Men's Riding Boots?

    Maintaining riding boots is a vital topic to prolong the lifespan of your boots. When your leather boots are new, soften them with a leather cream or milk.

    After a riding session in the rain, let your leather boots dry gently.

    If the boots are dry, a light brush can remove mud splatters and other dust. If a dry brush isn't sufficient, use a damp brush or sponge. If you ride once a week, monthly cleaning is ideal. For more intensive training, clean them every two weeks on average. The Teknit Boot can be cleaned in the same manner if necessary and can sometimes be machine-washed.

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