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    Riding is a sport that emphasizes style and elegance. Horse …

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    In horse riding competitions, all riders have a perfect outfit. It is impossible for competitors to imagine arriving with a horse that hasn't been groomed or braided for the occasion while being himself badly dressed. Style is now an integral part of the sport, as we can see in most competitions today. As for horse riding, elegance on his mount is a rule that has always been rooted in practice.


    Horse riding is a sport that emphasizes style and elegance. The Horse Pilot women's riding jackets were created in our workshops to meet all the needs of riders. The collections follow the trends to allow you to wear a jacket at the cutting edge of fashion. The different models are suitable for all categories of events: show jumping, running, dressage... In addition, the creation of customizable jackets has enabled our brand to become a reference in this field. It is possible to choose the colour of the jacket and buttons, to have alcantara pieces added to the sleeves, collar or pockets. You will be able to wear a competition outfit that is both elegant and original.


    In the equestrian world, wearing a jacket is a very old tradition and no one deviates from the rule. It is a question of culture, elegance, but also a prerequisite for competitors to participate in the competition. Indeed, the FFE (Fédération française d'équitation) requires the wearing of a riding jacket or a federal uniform. At Horse Pilot, horse riding outfit designers design jackets in compliance with national and international competition regulations .


    When we are in competition, as well as in representation, we are under more constraints. Indeed, unlike training, the rider must take into account factors that he cannot always control. For example, when the competition is held outdoors, it is important that the equipment protects the rider from cold, rain, heat and wind. It is therefore important for Horse Pilot to create riding jackets that allow the rider to avoid the effects of the weather during the competition as well as on the paddock (for horse races). Textiles are breathable and regulate body temperature to cope with both winter freshness and summer heat.

    Competitions are always a source of stress and anxiety for competitors. The body is under great strain and wearing comfortable clothing during exercise is essential. Not having to worry about your outfit allows you to focus more on your technique and your course. The technology we have developed at Horse Pilot is called Extra Comfort. Our designers and creators work together to find the best fabrics to give you the impression of wearing a second skin that will perfectly adapt to your morphology and your position on the horse.


    At Horse Pilot, we are convinced that wearing clothes that adapts to the rider's movement considerably improves his performance and helps him to progress further. To begin with, the fabrics used are designed to be as light as possible. Then, Preform Fit technology allows the rider to feel good, regardless of their position on the horse or on the ground. Finally, all our outfits are designed to offer the best aerodynamic performance, which is essential for running and jumping. In addition, the Aeromesh jacket is compatible with our airbag: designed to be worn with the Horse Pilot in & Motion airbag vest for even greater safety.