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  • Riding airbag vest on sale

    You are looking for a horse riding airbag vest for riding and your budget is limited ? Here are our tips for making an informed purchase, with or without a promo code. We are going to talk about how an airbag vest works, its advantages, and all the best tips to pay for your airbag vest as cheaply as possible. Finally, we will see how to maintain your new airbag vest, and how to service it after a fall.

    Investing in an airbag vest: the real good idea for your safety on horseback

    But by the way... how does an airbag vest work?

    The operation of an airbag protective vest is simpler than it seems. We wear it over our training clothes, or under our jacket during a competition, and it is attached to our saddle with a leash. If we fall off the horse, the leash unhooks and the airbag inflates, protecting our abdomen, neck, spine and rib cage. It is necessary to change the air cartridge after each fall, and to wear compatible clothing over the protective vest that does not interfere with the deployment of the airbag, but apart from that, our vest, we quickly forget it , because it leaves us free to move on horseback! We have also collected the opinion of professional riders on their use of the airbag vest and they are unanimous: wearing an airbag vest improves their safety without making their session less comfortable, and can even make them feel more sure of themselves on horseback. and surpass themselves.

    Why prefer an airbag vest?

    Unlike conventional protective vests designed with several layers of foam, an airbag vest is thinner and can therefore be worn under a competition jacket or jacket. Its main advantage is that it does not restrict movement in the saddle and is lighter and more discreet than its non-inflatable counterpart. In addition, its greater breathability is always appreciable.

    For the purchase of an airbag vest, it is necessary to count between 400€ and 600€ depending on the ranges, the technicality of the vest and the promotions that may take place. The price sometimes varies depending on the size, children's vests are usually a little cheaper. All riding airbag vests meet the same safety standard, but the lighter and more ergonomic the vest, the more technical and therefore expensive its materials will be, promotion or not.

    A protective vest being totally useless in the event of a fall if you leave it in the closet because it is painful to wear, we advise you to choose your air-bag vest based primarily on your comfort. When trying on your airbag vest, remember to make a few movements to check that it fits your size and that none of its aspects will bother you once on horseback. A protective vest is your size if it is not too wide at the shoulders and if it does not fall too low at the waist.

    An airbag vest for whom?

    To offer an airbag vest is to offer the rider optimal protection to progress in the practice of horse riding in complete safety. In addition, this will ensure optimal comfort all year round with an airbag vest that adapts to the seasons. To go riding in an equestrian center on horseback or pony, this can be useful to protect your upper body. Indeed, designed to resist water, the gas cartridge is protected by a cover closed by a zip. In addition, you can combine it with other riding equipment, in particular to put on a riding jacket over the vest. The little extra: the airbag vest is unisex and is for both women and men.

    Discount horse riding airbag vest
    Discount horse riding airbag vest

    How can I pay for my airbag vest as cheaply as possible?

    Waiting for the sales that take place twice a year at the beginning of the year and in the fall can be a good solution if you have spotted a particular airbag vest from a brand that offers promotions on this type of equipment . Moreover, at Horse Pilot, we sometimes put our airbag compatible range on sale! This is an opportunity to invest in a jacket allowing you to wear your airbag vest in competitions or to renew your equipment.

    The rest of the year, you can sometimes benefit from a promo code by following your favorite horse riding brands on social networks and by subscribing to the newsletters they may offer to riders. Professional riders and equestrian influencers sometimes also have a promo code for their followers, also think about getting a promo code there! They sometimes even have a front story stamped with a promo code that can help you. Don't forget to leave them a nice message to thank them for their promo code.

    Why is the airbag vest I spotted never on sale?

    Protective equipment such as helmets or vests are more rarely on sale than riding clothes. Normal, we change them less often! So don't be disappointed if the airbag vest you have spotted is still at the same price and does not benefit from any promo code... On the contrary, this detail should reassure you, because it means that the initial price is already the right price . To find out more about horse riding airbag vest price.

    The technical innovations required to design an airbag vest require an investment for brands, and often many years of research and development to guarantee a safe and comfortable product. Moreover, it is not uncommon to see that the system of an airbag vest has been patented. For example, at Horse Pilot, we have chosen to work with In&motion to reinvent the riding airbag vest by removing anything that could cause discomfort for the rider.

    Can I buy a used airbag vest?

    Second-hand shopping is generally a good idea to equip yourself for a cheap horse riding airbag vest while preserving the planet, but safety equipment - helmets and protective vests - are an exception to this rule. Indeed, even when buying from a rider we know, it is impossible to be sure that the falls experienced by the equipment have not damaged it, thus compromising our safety. In the same way that it is strongly advised to change your helmet after a strong fall that has potentially damaged it, it is essential to check the good condition of your airbag vest before changing the cartridge and putting it back on.

    How do I maintain my riding airbag vest?

    To keep your airbag vest as long as possible, it is important to take good care of it. Above all, do not immerse the airbag part in water. To wash your vest, use a damp brush or sponge. You can also use a suitable spray. If in doubt or after a fall, refer to our maintenance guide and the tutorial we have designed to help you change the cartridge of your airbag vest. We take care of the maintenance of your Horse Pilot airbag vest every three inflations or every five years. For this, you just need to contact us.

    You will understand, for your vest to protect you from injuries and other fractures, it must be worn! The best protection is the one you will enjoy putting on. Between a cheaper vest that you will not wear because it is uncomfortable for you and a more expensive vest, but which will follow you in all your sessions and competitions, it is better the second!

    Discount horse riding airbag vest