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Horse Pilot
  • Hipli

    reusable & responsible package



    Hipli packages, a new alternative to e-commerce waste. 

    Every year, the increase in the production of packaging and waste packages has a negative effect on the environment.

    In order to reduce its impact and offer a more eco-responsible delivery method, we wanted to offer you this new service.


    💯 A package that can be reused 100 times 🌱 Less impact than a cardboard box from the second use 💪 Up to 25kg of waste avoided 🇪🇺 Eco-designed and produced in Europe

    How does it work?

    1. You place your order, choosing to be delivered in a Hipli reusable package.

    2. After receiving your order, you fold and return the package free of charge, thanks to an integrated pouch.

    3. The packages are repackaged and put back into circulation for a new life.

    After receiving the package

    You are satisfied with your Horse Pilot product:

    1° Fold your empty package

    2° Follow the dotted lines and put the package in the attached pocket. The envelope is pre-stamped.

    By scanning the QR code, you have access to additional information and to the location of the nearest mailbox to send back the parcel.


    You are not satisfied with your order and wish to return it?

    Nothing could be simpler: you can use your Hipli parcel to return your product to us.

    For the postage, you can use the return form that we will send you. And to secure your shipment, use the clamp