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Horse Pilot
  • Horse Pilot horse airbag and protective vest

    Airbag cheval

    Horse Pilot has created a range of high-end protective riding equipment for child and adult riders. Protective Airbag waistcoats that are both effective, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for optimised safe riding.

    Our women's, men's and children's horse airbags

    A wide choice of horse airbag waistcoat models suitable for all sizes and levels.

    A top of the range horse airbag brand: Horse Pilot

    In order to ensure the safety of the rider when practicing his sport, Horse Pilot has created horse riding protections that are both efficient and aesthetic. Quality equipment to be worn on show jumping, PTV, Cross country and eventing.

    The Horse Pilot collection of women's, men's and children's horse airbags

    The Horse Pilot brand's range of horse riding airbag waistcoats is dedicated to all riders, adults and children alike. Products in a variety of sizes that fit all riding practices and levels.

    Horse Pilot airbags compatible with horse clothing (invisible, design)

    Designed and discreet, our air bag models fit elegantly with your riding shirts, jackets and polo shirts. Worn close to the body, they slip safely under Horse Pilot bomber jackets or surge jackets.

    A good quality technical horse airbag for riding

    Various types and models of riding gear, as practical as comfortable for better daily use.

    Performing horse airbags (freedom of movement, efficiency, resistance)

    Resistant riding waistcoats to effectively protect riders from shocks, injuries and trauma in the event of an accident. Airbag models that, above all, do not impede freedom of movement in the saddle.

    Horse airbag and rider's range of motion (comfort of use )

    Specially comfortable protective gear for better horse and pony riding. The use of stretch materials and a snug fit to secure falls and preserve optimal freedom of movement over obstacles.

    Horse Pilot horse airbag sold ready to use (girth connection saddle..)

    The Horse Pilot riding waistcoats come with a refill of several gas cartridges. They also come with a leash with magnetic attachment, for a simple and instant connection to the saddle. Thanks to the Light Pack Kit sold separately, the brand's airbag is delivered functional so that it can be worn immediately.

    Horse airbag vest
    Horse airbag vest

    Why buy a horse airbag for horseback riding?

    Airbag vests provide particularly effective protection in the event of the rider falling.

    Regulations for equestrian centers (on protections)

    As a risky sport, the practice of horse riding requires certain precautions. This is why the French Equestrian Federation imposes regulatory provisions on protection and safety on equestrian centers. Thus the wearing of the bomb and riding shoes or boots with heels is compulsory. As for vests, some teachers will require them for any training on fixed obstacles, either in Cross or PTV.

    The safety of the rider and the existing equipment (bumper, dorsal, reinforcement, ... + mandatory in competitions)

    Competitive riding is often more risky in terms of the possibility of falling. To improve the safety of the competitors, different protective equipment is made compulsory for the rider according to the levels and disciplines. This is how in TREC, eventing or CCE, a specific model of bomb and riding vest is imposed.

    The horse airbag provides better protection for the rider (not compulsory, fall, accident, protect the upper body)

    More efficient than a classic riding back protector, the horse riding airbag vest Horse Pilot offers a better defense against accidents. During a fall from a horse, the thoracic, dorsal and lumbar regions are more susceptible to trauma. This is why it is advisable to protect them, and in particular the spine, from cracks and fractures.

    <The sports airbag an existing technology (motorcycle & ski)

    The Airbag Horse Pilot vests incorporate the patented and many times awarded system of the company In&motion. This technology initially intended for motorcycle and ski enthusiasts has been redesigned to adapt to the constraints of riders.

    The horse airbag is acclaimed by many riders

    From beginner riders to professional equestrian riders, airbag riding jackets and vests are recommended for all levels.

    Recognized effectiveness of horse airbags

    From amateur competition tracks to starry suits, the reputation of inflatable protective vests is second to none. Their speed of release and their volume of inflation absorb shocks for optimal protection of the upper body. At Horse Pilot, many high-level riders such as Philippe Rozier and Guillaume Canet testify to this efficiency.

    Airbag and psychological help/benefit (fear of falling)

    Many riders who have experienced difficult falls will tend to stiffen up afterwards. However, the practice of horse riding requires knowing how to relax even in the effort. Airbag vests offer a definitive solution to this problem. Knowing that they are better protected and safer, children and adults alike can gradually learn to let themselves go.

    How to wear a horse airbag (over clothing or underneath)

    Horse Pilot riding protective vests can be worn both above and below your clothing. Comfortable, they are designed in stretch and breathable materials, and adjusted so as to be worn close to the body. Practical, they are equipped with a zipper and wide armholes that do not hinder movement. Free of folds or extra thickness, they slip safely under a jacket or a riding jacket.

    The horse airbag how it works

    Protective airbags for child and adult riders from the Horse Pilot brand are particularly easy to use.

    Horse airbag operation (system triggering)

    The Horse Pilot riding vest attaches to the pommel of the saddle with a magnetic leash. Which can be easily disengaged and inflated by simply pulling the red tab. As for the protection system, it is triggered as soon as the connection strap is over-tensioned. Riders are thus assured of optimal safety equipment.

    Horse airbag deployment speed

    Directly connected to the saddle, the airbag inflates instantly in the event of a fall or ejection from the horse's back. The activation of the firing pin by the trigger is done very quickly. Thus, male and female riders benefit from optimal protection even before touching the ground.

    Extent of protection of the horse airbag (neck bust...)

    The Horse Pilot Airbag Vest has been specifically developed to optimize the safety of vital areas during horse accidents. As such, it is certified as compliant with equestrian sports by the CE standard by the CRITT Sport Loisirs laboratory. Its protection extends over the entire spine, from the cervical, dorsal and lumbar, to the rib cage and the organs.

    Refill and CO2 cartridge for deployment

    The horse riding airbag from the Horse Pilot brand is equipped with a refill of gas cartridges. The trigger device and the magazine are slim and ergonomic. They will therefore not hinder the rider in his freedom of movement any more than in the aesthetics of his clothing.

    Lifespan of a horse airbag (discard after triggering? recharge)

    Once triggered and therefore inflated, the protection system of the riding vest gradually deflates on its own. To reuse the fall protection equipment, simply replace the gas cartridge.

    Can we combine a horse airbag with a back protector?

    The Airbag Horse Pilot vest can easily be combined with other horse clothing and protection, provided the sizes are respected. It is thus possible to associate it with jackets, a jacket or a Cross vest. And thus ensure compliance with the regulations in force in CCE.

    How to maintain your horse airbag (cleaning)

    The brand's riding airbags are manually washable. For optimal cleaning, it is recommended to use a soft sponge, warm water and organic washing products.

    How to choose your horse airbag?

    Horse riding protections and safety equipment must necessarily be adjusted to the size of the rider who uses them.

    Horse Pilot riding airbag vests are available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. Thanks to this great diversity of sizes, they are perfectly adapted to the morphologies of children, as well as those of adults.

    Horse airbag vest