The right temperature at any time


The principe

Combining lining and filling intelligently for the best possible temperature control in all circumstances.

To tolerate temperature variations

During sporting effort, our muscles produce 20% of mechanical energy (motion) and 80% of heat. Our body temperature may climb to 40°C during long and intense sessions. Riders have to tolerate considerable temperature variations over the day. They also constantly switch between periods of rest, preparation and more intense activity. Thermoregulation is imperative at all times and whatever part of the cycle.

Experts of extreme conditions with us

Fortunately, our development team includes experts who know extreme conditions inside out. Their range of experience includes designing equipment, ranging from Everest attempts to crossing the Amazon and the North Pole adventure of Mike Horn.

The body mapping

We leverage their insights to define effective solutions. Laboratory research and field studies have revealed a range of thermal needs depending on the parts of the body.

This is called body mapping. Horse Pilot has developed an intelligent blend of lining and packing for its warming items, for temperature control under all circumstances.

Where to find it?

This technology is used on all our riding outfits: jacket, trousers and shirt. You will find here a selection of our Horse Pilot garments incorporating this technology.




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