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    Riding pants come in a vast array of colors. At Horse Pilot, we have created black breeches for women, men and children. They will match all your outfits, whether for schooling, show jumping, or dressage.

    Black breeches for women, men and children from the Horse Pilot collection

    The Horse Pilot brand, a specialist in technical equipment for equestrian sports, offers the X-design riding pants for women in classic black. These black ladies' breeches are perfect for all types of riding sessions, indoors or outdoors, and are wardrobe essentials for women riders.

    Black breeches adapted to the seasons and the weather (waterproof for winter or breathable for summer)

    To make the most of your horseback riding, it is essential to equip yourself with riding gear that matches the weather. We agree; there's nothing worse than coming back from a horseback ride shivering or feeling as if you are showjumping in the middle of the Sahara. Therefore, it is vital to choose water-resistant breeches for rainy winter days and breathable models for hot summer days.

    Horse Pilot's tip: if you love your black breeches and wish to wear them on days when rain threatens, even though they may not be waterproof, carry a pair of weatherproof overtrousers in your bag to protect you from cold and rain. You can wear these stretchy, waterproof chaps over any trousers. And thanks to zips along the entire length of the leg and a magnetic belt, they are effortless to put on.

    High-quality black riding pants with technical features for riding (with grip, comfortable, seamless)

    Horse Pilot X-design black breeches are designed to adapt perfectly to all postures in the saddle. Comfort is paramount, so they have no seams or topstitching that could cause unpleasant friction on the seat. Bearing this in mind, they do not have a full or half seat or leather knee patches; however, our fabric is thick and resistant to abrasion.

    We have taken care to select a second skin fabric, breathable, durable and stretchy, to which we have added UV protection. X-design pants also include a grip inside the knees to optimize the grip and efficiency of the legs for every rider

    To choose your riding pants, you can go to the saddlery to choose the best size, and this can also be an opportunity for you to choose a protective equestrian vest or any other riding equipment.

    Black breeches designed for riding (pocket, high waist)

    The high waist of Horse Pilot riding breeches has been designed to encompass the lower back and hips but not to sit too high on the stomach so as not to compress it. We also thought of adding pockets of sufficient size and easily accessible when in the saddle. Some of our pants are cut with a low waist, making them the perfect breeches not only for women but also for men.

    Good news, breeches that ride up when you put on your boots are no longer a problem! We designed the legs of our pants to fit properly around the calves. Did you know that when the calf is slightly compressed during and after exercise, it helps prevent the unpleasant feeling of heavy legs after lengthy exercise? As a bonus, the stretchy material of black breeches makes it easier for you to put on your riding boots. Try it, and you'll see, you won't be able to do without them

    Black breeches
    Black breeches

    How to choose your black riding pants? (level, discipline, size guide)

    To choose the right breeches, the first question is the equestrian discipline you practice and the level at which you practise it. For example, a rider who rides every week or more often may prefer riding pants that are as durable as possible to reduce the price per wear. The stronger and more repairable your garment, the longer it will last and the cheaper it will be for the rider and better for the planet. Although they are very robust, we know that a fall on rough ground can always happen, so Horse Pilot breeches are repairable free of charge in the event of an accident.

    Regarding choosing the size of riding breeches, we advise riders to select their usual size. Horse Pilot has created a size guide for the customer with six quick questions, giving us the information we need to help you find the perfect breeches. Unless the size guide recommends it, there is no point in choosing a size smaller for extra support - the elastic located at the waist, although wide, could compress the stomach. When selecting shaping breeches, it's more a question of opting for a second skin model.

    Can I wear black breeches in competitions?

    In official competitions, whether the level is amateur or professional, the rule is to wear white breeches or light beige breeches. You won't be able to wear your blue breeches during the event, but don't panic; most riding pants in the Horse Pilot range are also available in white, and they are impeccably opaque! To add an elegant finishing touch to your outfit, please note that black or red are recommended for competition jackets. And with a fitted and stretchy cut, you can wear yours for all types of equestrian competitions: dressage, show jumping, or eventing.

    How to wash black breeches?

    As with all black clothing, we strongly advise our fellow equestrians to wash their black jodhpurs with similar or dark colors or risk staining their white clothing. This is not related to the quality of the dye used but to the age of the riding pants: the newer they are, the more likely it is that the color may run stain slightly.

    It is preferable to use a classic programme and set a temperature of 40 degrees. Washing at very high temperatures will prematurely damage black riding pants by damaging their elasticity. Regarding the choice of detergent, some are specially designed to prevent colours from fading as long as possible. Moreover, it is not necessarily essential to wash breeches after a short riding session. It is possible to brush them lightly to remove any sand or dust, then air them outside for a few hours.

    What clothes and accessories to add to black breeches for a complete riding outfit?

    To complement black breeches, there is nothing better than a top in light beige, green or dark red. At Horse Pilot, we've designed a breathable t-shirt and lightweight technical jacket that looks fantastic with black riding pants. They perfectly complete the equestrian's wardrobe: from the airbag protective vest to the riding boot, they are an essential part of a rider's outfit. Also, think about accessories such as adjustable belts that will give your riding pants a touch of colour and extra comfort. We have also designed caps and beanies for you to make your time at the stables comfortable, whatever the weather.

    Black breeches