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  • Horse Pilot women's riding coats

    Cold and rain don't stop women riders like you. You ride your horse, even when the winter is harsh. You at least visit him to let off steam in the paddock. Only, a classic winter coat is not practical to move. Normal, it is not adapted to your equestrian practice. From the equestrian coats windproof and water-repellent extra coat to the warm light hooded down jacket, Horse Pilot takes care of preserving your warmth.

    Our women's riding coats

    Rain cools your motivation. Evenings and mornings get chilly. Winter is just around the corner. So, it's time to get the coats out of the closet. Bundle up to stay warm and dry. But keep your mobility so you can ride in complete freedom. Check out our range of high-performance women's riding coats to tackle bad weather.

    A top-of-the-line riding coat brand for women

    Enjoy every moment with your horse without getting sick. Because we know the passion that drives you, we dedicate our expertise to creating high-performance riding gear. So you can ride or spend time with your horse in a warm and dry environment. Even if you're the coldest. Our hooded riding jackets are tailored to your posture in the saddle. They're made to last and protect you from the weather without getting in the way. So that riding remains a pleasure, even in the dead of winter.

    The Horse Pilot women's riding coat collection

    Between a functional riding jacket and a quilted hooded riding coat, don't let your heart sway. A versatile functional girl's horse riding coat to keep in all circumstances. A warm coat with a zipper to counter the winter cold. A light, windproof and water-repellent jacket for the wet mid-season. A short coat at the stable that you take off at the beginning of the ride. Each rider has her own habits and desires. That's why we have created a wide range of functional, thermal, windproof and water-repellent coats. But in every way technical and 100% dedicated to your equestrian sport.

    Feminine colors for your Horse Pilot riding coat

    Enrich your wardrobe with a black airbag-compatible bomber, a beige down jacket and a long blue waterproof jacket. Wear your green bi-fabric quilted jacket alone or as an underlay, to complement your brown parka jacket and take on the elements. Add a thin layer without covering your arms with a tonal red sleeveless down jacket. Imagine your coat closet with this choice... You are free to choose your models and colors. Even opt for the same model in several colors.

    Technical riding coats for riding

    Nothing replaces a coat suitable for riding. How would you like to go jogging in heels or sandals? You'd quickly stop after a few meters... For your favorite sport, it's the same. Your equipment must be adapted, including when it comes to a riding coat.

    Comfortable riding coats

    With a Horse Pilot coat, no matter the model, keep your freedom of movement. Jump, move, bend over or lift your arms while staying protected from wind, rain and cold. Your high collar protects your neck without getting in the way. Enjoy a comfortable hood that's easy to forget. Keep your long coat on. It fits with its snap-closed back slit or gussets.

    Performing women's riding coats

    Winter sport coats slim down when riding. Keep a slim silhouette in the middle of the cold season with a rugged, warm coat. But your thermal jacket goes light, without unnecessary thickness. A two-ply coat or padded jacket insulates your body heat to keep you warm. Yet, no risk of sweating during the effort. Breathable materials or well-placed discreet vents promote air circulation without letting essential heat escape.

    Women's horse riding coat
    Women's horse riding coat

    Design riding coats for riding

    Prefer synthetic or eco-friendly duck feather to faux fur for stylish clothing. Notice the understated design of our line of riding coats. No unnecessary frills that could be dangerous. Everything is simple, but effective. External and internal pockets are useful for storing your keys and warming your hands. A quilted front and back design that holds the trim in a pleasing pattern. Long or short cuts that meet your style requirements, perfect for equestrian sports. Stop pulling on your sleeves to avoid gloves with our models with thumb loops.

    How to choose your riding coat

    Without losing your charm, your warm women's riding jacket must fulfill the functions you expect from it. It should protect you from mid-season or winter weather conditions and accompany you in your equestrian prowess.

    A riding jacket suitable for the season

    A short jacket, with or without sleeves, is often worn in mid-season. Our two-material quilted jackets are ideal. Padded in the back and chest, they give you the light layer needed to keep you warm. Dare to be an aviator in an airbag compatible bomber. Its short cut with tightened bottom and cuffs prevents the wind from getting in. Your coat will stretch out as the cold gets colder. Treat yourself to a timeless down jacket that will take you all the way to town. Unless you prefer the timeless multi-purpose coat with its hooded parka style and softshell function, which is windproof, warm and water repellent. Not to mention its ability to be lined with one of our compatible down jackets.

    Women's riding jacket size guide

    The men's t-shirt worn oversized provides style. But the zippered riding coat is worn adjusted to your body type. Too small, you are not comfortable in your movements, which can be dangerous. Too large, it loses its ability to protect you from the weather. The wind lowers your temperature. If it rushes into your back, beware of chills and cold. A well-cut hooded jacket lets you breathe without being cramped or swimming in it. Horse Pilot helps you to choose the right size with its correspondence table. Mistakes can happen. Let us know for an exchange instead of abandoning your new purchase in the closet.

    How to care for a riding coat

    Does your coat really need to be washed? A few splashes of mud or a little dust can be easily removed. Often, a little brushing or shaking of the garment is all that is needed. If your riding jacket does need to be washed, know that it goes very well in the machine.

    Check that the pockets are empty and close the zippers, velcro and snaps. You'll reduce unpleasant surprises and preserve your laundry longer. Turn your functional hooded coat inside out and put it in the machine. Start the wash on a short cold cycle or up to 30°C. Use a dose of mild detergent, but nothing more. If your water is very hard, add vinegar instead of softener.

    The dryer is to be kept away, even in winter. Your technical coats dry quickly and well in the open air, flat or on a hanger, preferably wide. Is your jacket quilted with down? Tap it from time to time to air out the feathers. They will be better distributed.

    Women's horse riding coat