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  • Women's Horse Pilot riding down jackets

    Riding is an activity that can be practiced in summer as well as in winter. When it is cold, it is essential to wear a coat or a equestrian padded jacket. The Horse Pilot brand therefore offers horseback riding down jackets that are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing, so that they can be warm in all circumstances.

    Our women's riding down jackets

    Because most women riders want to look stylish on horseback, they choose their outfit carefully. Horse Pilot has therefore designed a whole collection of riding down jackets especially dedicated to women. The different models are varied and will therefore suit all tastes and uses that women riders will want to make of them (stable work, riding, etc.).

    A high-end women's riding down jacket brand

    Highly regarded for its high-quality riding clothes and innovative designs, the Horse Pilot brand is no exception in offering high-end riding down jackets. The different cuts and colors give them a remarkable aestheticism, while their technical qualities make them an essential product for all riders. Horse Pilot refers to fashion and trends to design down jackets that combine comfort, aesthetics and protection.

    The Horse Pilot collection of women's riding down jackets

    Like all outdoor practices, horseback riding is practiced despite the climate and temperature. In order to protect female riders from the cold and rain, Horse Pilot has developed a collection of riding down jackets reserved for women. The models are varied and of high quality.

    Feminine colors for your Horse Pilot riding down jacket

    Part of a rider's well-being is having an aesthetically pleasing outfit that she feels good in. To best satisfy the riders, Horse Pilot has developed a collection of down jackets with a large choice of colors. Different colors are available, such as red, blue, green or beige. This leaves the possibility for each rider to choose the color that she likes the most, and that allows her to adapt her men's equestrian sleeveless padded jacket to the rest of her outfit (to the color of her pants, for example).

    Why buy a riding down jacket for horseback riding?

    Riding is mostly practiced outdoors, where everyone is exposed to the weather and other vagaries of the weather. Thus, when the weather gets cooler, it is recommended to get a down jacket, jacket or parka for riding. Both warm and waterproof, down jackets can be worn at any time, especially in winter with a winter horse riding coat or during the mid-season. They are quite suitable for women riders who want to keep their body heat as much as possible by multiplying the under layers of clothing under their coat.

    The different types of riding down jackets for women

    Depending on the weather and the season, the choice of a riding down jacket will not be the same. Summer or winter, passing through the transitional seasons, women riders will be able to opt for down jackets adapted to the temperature and weather conditions. These have very different styles especially depending on their sleeves.

    Women's Sleeveless Down Jackets

    The equestrian sleeveless padded jacket is a real must-have among riding clothes. It is suitable for the end of summer days, when the weather starts to cool down. But it can also be worn in the winter when riding, as its sleeveless design helps riders to keep their freedom of movement. It is also ideal for stable work. Therefore, sleeveless riding down jackets are very practical while being comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

    Women's down jackets with sleeves

    Down jackets possessing sleeves are ideal in the winter season. Thanks to their material and feather padding, they are light and perfectly retain body heat. They do not hinder the rider's movements and can therefore be worn in all circumstances. In addition, they are very resistant to rain and cold to best protect riders from bad weather.

    Women's heated down jackets

    The Horse Pilot brand's heated down jacket is innovative: equipped with I-Warm technology, it generates continuous and diffuse heat. The down jacket has a carbon nanotube panel in the lining at the lower back. This is what allows it to diffuse heat, thanks to a button to be operated by the rider. There are three levels of temperature, so that the jacket can adapt to the weather. Another advantage of this down jacket is that it does not contain any electronics: so you only need to remove the battery to be able to put it in the washing machine.

    Women equestrian padded jacket
    Women equestrian padded jacket

    Good quality technical riding down jackets for riding

    Any rider knows the importance of feeling good in good quality, high-performance riding apparel. Therefore, the Horse Pilot brand, known for its high-quality equipment, has designed down jackets that perform well, are comfortable and have innovative technical features. These high quality down jackets can be expensive and to find cheap horse riding coat consider looking at the outlets.

    Comfortable riding down jackets

    The comfort of a down jacket is paramount: the rider must be able to move without being impeded in her freedom of movement. The textiles of Horse Pilot women's down jackets have been specially designed to adapt to the body shapes and different morphologies of the riders. Thanks to the Perform Fit technology, they have a total freedom of movement. The brand has also patented the Extra Comfort technology, allowing to wear the down jacket like a second skin avoiding a maximum of friction.

    Performing women's riding down jackets

    Horse Pilot women's riding down jackets combine comfort and performance. Thanks to their design, they are light and pleasant to wear. In addition, they guarantee perfect insulation to protect riders from the cold as much as possible. Finally, they are warm and help the body retain heat to keep the torso and arms warm during cold periods and the winter season.

    Design riding down jackets for women

    For women riders who want to ride in style and elegance, Horse Pilot has designed aesthetically pleasing and designer riding down jackets. They have different cuts and colors so that each one can choose according to her taste. Thus, they are short or longer, smooth or with a quilted shape in front and/or behind, with or without hood, etc.

    How to choose your riding down jacket

    For a rider, it is very important to choose a down jacket that will perfectly suit her practices, her morphology and her tastes. Several criteria of choice are to be taken into consideration, and in particular the two most important: the size and the protection provided against the weather.

    A riding down jacket adapted to the season

    Cold and rain don't stop female riders, so they need to be well protected from it with a good quality down jacket. Horse Pilot down jackets have been specifically designed to protect female riders from the elements. Lightweight, sleeveless down jackets are perfect for cool summer mornings or evenings. Long-sleeved down jackets are warmer and ideal for mid-season. Finally, to protect yourself from the cold of winter, there's nothing like a heated jacket.

    Women's riding jacket size guide

    If the choice of model is important, the choice of size is paramount. A down jacket of wrong size can quickly become uncomfortable. Indeed, a model that is too small will be impractical and too tight, especially if the rider wants to wear several layers underneath. On the other hand, a down jacket that is too large may be uncomfortable and may not retain heat optimally. To help riders choose the right size riding down jacket, Horse Pilot provides a handy size guide.

    How to care for a riding down jacket

    The maintenance of a riding down jacket is important because it will allow him to preserve its technical properties. Indeed, the insulating power of a down jacket can be hindered by dirt, dust and perspiration. You must first follow the cleaning instructions indicated on the label of the garment. A synthetic down jacket can be washed at a maximum of 30°C. On the other hand, a down comforter must generally be washed by hand. Finally, it is imperative to remember to remove the battery from the down jacket if it is heated.

    Women's equestrian padded jacket