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  • Horse Pilot royal blue riding polo shirts

    Every rider needs the right clothes to be able to practice horseback riding in a comfortable way. The horse riding tops is an important piece of a rider's wardrobe: both practical and very aesthetic, it guarantees that the wearer can practice his favorite sport in style.

    Our royal blue riding polo shirts for women, men and children

    Riders, both adults and children, always need a stylish and comfortable polo shirt. That's why Horse Pilot has developed a collection of women's equestrian polo shirts royal blue totally adapted to the practice of horseback riding. Perfect for riding, for stable work, or just to be in contact with horses, these polo shirts will satisfy more than one thanks to their technical qualities and their aesthetic aspect with also men's equestrian polo shirts.

    Discover our top of the line royal blue riding polo brand

    Highly regarded for its technical innovations in clothing and accessories for horses and riders, the Horse Pilot brand is no exception with its royal blue riding polo shirts. These high quality polo shirts are made of pleasant materials and technologies to guarantee riders a comfortable and practical garment. In addition, these high-end polo shirts are stylish and fashionable.

    The Horse Pilot collection of royal blue riding polo shirts

    Riding polo shirts are commonplace for both male and female riders. Owning a polo shirt is always useful, and the royal blue color is both original and very easy to match with other clothes just like red equestrian polo shirt. Therefore, the Horse Pilot brand has developed a collection of royal blue riding polo shirts of great quality, to satisfy riders and allow them to wear a practical and comfortable garment.

    The different types of royal blue riding polos

    So that everyone can find the perfect polo shirt, Horse Pilot has created royal blue riding polo shirts with a wide variety of designs. Thus, riders can choose to wear a long-sleeved or short-sleeved polo depending on the season. They can also choose the aesthetic aspect of the polo, thanks to the different types of closures or the various materials offered.

    Short sleeve or long sleeve polo shirts

    A riding polo shirt must be totally adapted to the practice of horseback riding, but also to the climatic conditions. Since horseback riding is an outdoor sport, this last point is indeed important. Thus, a rider will choose a short-sleeved polo shirt for the warm seasons or to wear under a light sweater. On the other hand, a long-sleeved polo shirt will be more suitable for cold seasons, when riders layer several thin layers under a coat or riding jacket. Finally, the choice of sleeve length also depends on riders' tastes and overall style.

    Buttoned or zipped polos

    The difference between a t-shirt and a polo shirt lies in its collar. It is entirely possible to choose to leave the collar of a polo shirt open or closed, and different types of closures exist depending on the style. For example, riders can choose between a collar with a zipper closure or a traditional collar that closes with buttons. It depends entirely on their preferences and style.

    The quality of the material and weave

    The quality of the materials used is paramount to ensure that riders are as comfortable as possible. They can choose between pique knit, which is easy to care for and makes the fabric stretchy, or jersey, which is softer and softer. Very light, it is ideal for the warmer seasons.

    Royal blue equestrian polo shirt
    Royal blue equestrian polo shirt

    Technical royal blue riding polo shirts for riding

    The Horse Pilot brand is known for its innovations and the quality of its technical clothing. Therefore, it has given its royal blue riding polo shirts practical and very useful technical qualities. The material is adapted to the practice of riding, with Aerotech technology, to ensure riders a perfect ventilation. It is also equipped with Suntech, to protect them from UV rays, and Preform Fit technology, which guarantees them excellent mobility.

    Comfortable royal blue riding polos

    Like all sportsmen and women, riders need comfortable clothing above all else. While elegance is of great importance in horseback riding, comfort is a must for a royal blue riding polo. Therefore, Horse Pilot has created lightweight polo shirts that can be worn like a second skin and do not bother the riders. In addition, the materials chosen are stretchy and adapt perfectly to their morphology and follow their gestures.

    Performing royal blue riding polo shirts

    Riders need performance riding apparel to practice their sport. Horse Pilot royal blue polo shirts allow them to maintain complete freedom of movement, while providing the resistance necessary for their practices. In addition, the materials chosen are comfortable and breathable, to be able to adapt perfectly to the different seasons.

    Royal blue riding polo shirts design for riding

    Horse Pilot royal blue riding polo shirts are designed with fashion in mind. Therefore, they are at the forefront of elegance, and their worked design will be able to satisfy all riders, regardless of their age. The neat cuts, the tight-fitting materials so as not to hinder movements, and the aesthetic details such as the presence of a pocket, will seduce more than one. These polo shirts are therefore both aesthetic, technical, practical and very comfortable.

    How to choose your royal blue riding polo shirt

    The choice of a royal blue riding polo is very important. Given the quality of Horse Pilot brand products, a polo shirt is a garment that riders will be able to keep for a long time; therefore, it is best that they choose a model that will fit them in every way. Thus, they should choose according to their size, their morphology, their tastes, the rest of their outfit, as well as their budget.

    Matching the colors of the outfit

    Since elegance is an important concept, in horseback riding, riders appreciate being able to match the colors of their outfit. For example, a royal blue riding polo shirt would go perfectly with darker pants, such as black or navy riding pants. In addition, a royal blue polo shirt would look great with white or off-white show riding pants although many riders will prefer white equestrian polo shirts. Finally, a royal blue polo can be worn with colored pants, for example green, gray, beige, and even royal blue. Thus, male and female riders have the opportunity to match different pieces of their outfit with a royal blue riding polo shirt.

    Riding polo shirt size guide

    It is important for a male or female rider to choose the right size of their royal blue riding polo shirt. Indeed, a polo shirt that is too small would risk being very uncomfortable. On the contrary, a polo shirt that is too big could hinder their freedom of movement. Thus, riders must choose a polo size that is perfectly adapted to their morphology. To help them make this choice, Horse Pilot has created a very precise size guide. It gathers all the measurements to be taken in order to choose a royal blue riding polo perfectly adapted to its size and morphology.

    How to maintain a royal blue riding polo shirt

    The maintenance of a royal blue riding polo is very important. It allows it to retain all its properties and have a longer life. First of all, it is best to check the washing information and advice present on the polo shirt's label: this will tell you at what temperature your garment can be washed. Generally, we prefer to wash at 30° maximum. It is advisable to use a natural detergent without residue and not to add fabric softener as it could affect the technical qualities of the polo. The ideal is to turn the garment inside out before putting it in the washing machine: this will help preserve its colors. Finally, it is better to prefer a natural air drying rather than a passage in the dryer.

    Royal blue equestrian polo shirt