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  • Brown riding boots: trendy and timeless

    Start your personality with brown riding boots. On horseback or in town, dare to opt for a color that's all shades. Women's brown riding boots are a subtle addition to your women's wardrobe. Men are not left out with models of riding boots with elegance.

    Be trendy to the core in brown riding boots

    Riding boots are part of every rider's outfit. Child or adult, small or large, man or woman, boots are an essential of the equestrian world, regardless of your riding practice and level of riding. So that everyone can find the right shoe and, why not, stand out from the crowd, riding boots are available in abundance. The possibilities are as wide as the combinations of design, materials and colors. Thus, even if black remains a great classic, riding boots adopt the color with delight, including brown. Men's brown leather riding boots fit men's feet with casual elegance. And women can have fun combining styles. To make matters worse, your brown riding boots step off the bridle path to fit city women.

    50 shades of brown: elegance and refinement in brown riding boots

    It is said that shoes are a reflection of our personality. Brown riding boots give you the opportunity to express yourself on this point. Aside from the design, you're spoiled for choice with multiple shades to choose from: mahogany, copper, amber, cognac or even rust or camel... brown leather riding boots make a statement, from the lightest to the darkest tones, with delicacy. Even without being adorned with elastics, laces or a zipper, the brown riding boot remains naturally elegant.

    Brown riding boots
    Brown riding boots

    Black riding boots or brown riding boots?

    Classic black boots or brown leather boots? The color may depend on your use...and your preference. And if you can't decide, skip either color and go for a pair of two-tone black and brown boots.

    For your show boots

    Black riding boots are perfect for your show attire. Especially in dressage competition where the preference is for classic black dressage boots. However, you can wear your brown grained leather show boots in other horse competitions, such as show jumping or Hunter. When training or facing your show jumping competitors, pair your camel leather riding boots with your Horse Pilot show jacket. Stretch out your silhouette with high cut boots, also known as the Spanish cut. This model covers your leg up to the side of the knee, with or without zip. Two-tone models, which combine two brown leathers of different tones, will not leave anyone indifferent to your passage.

    For your stable boots

    With its notched soles to avoid slipping in the paddock or in the stirrup, the stable boots allow the rider to wear the same footwear on horseback or for lunging work. Brown is also used here, alone or combined with black for your high stable boots with lining or your waterproof country boots. With or without lace, your stable boots for men or women can be worn in mid-boot or high boot sizes. Comfortable and flexible, their look is only a question of taste. With or without buckles, they fit like a glove. For stable boots you can easily find cheap riding boots.

    Which brown riding boots to choose?

    With this color, the choice is even wider than with black riding boots, since there are more shades. Just like its black neighbors, the brown models compete with originality. The toe is round or square. The boot is lacquered, varnished or matte, two-tone or two-material. The design is equipped with a zipper or laces, unless you prefer straps or straps. You can choose your ice brown riding boot from standard or handcrafted models. In crocodile or oiled calf leather, get ready to stand out with your camel or chocolate riding boots.

    Brown riding boots for a fantastic ride

    Brown is a big part of the gear dedicated to western riding. Decorative stitching patterns adorn the kid's, woman's and man's western boot. Head out for your summer ride with a breathable mesh lining or wear brown wool or fleece-lined winter western boots to keep your feet warm. Western boot heels are slightly higher than a classic riding boot. You prefer a less marked style? Go for brown western boots with laces. They can be worn with a classic look as well as a cowboy style, paired with soft leather chaps. To combine your stable and horse activities in a simple way, get brown work boots that are sturdy and comfortable at the same time. Their design is simpler than western boots, but the cut is more stylish than classic stable work boots. Cowboys and cowgirls wear hats. So don't forget yours!

    How to wear brown riding boots

    Whether at the barn or in the city, the brown riding boot is a fashion basic. It easily matches with the pieces of your dressing room. Play on color contrasts with black clothes to highlight your boots. Pair your caramel riding boots with a pair of Horse Pilot beige skinny riding pants and a loose top for size contrast. Support the elegance of your anatomical brown leather boots with a scarf.The brown riding boot is timeless. Thus, a smooth camel leather looks great with a casual look, both in the equestrian world and in your urban life. For women who want to express their femininity, brown boots can be worn like motorcycle boots over jeans, or fluidly with a skirt. Your brown riding boots will suit all body types. Easier to wear than waders or boots, they feminize all your outfits, from the most formal and chic to the most casual. In short, let your imagination run wild.

    Brown riding boots