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  • What are cheap riding boots worth?

    Riding boots are an essential part of a rider's outfit. But there are many types of boots for riding at various prices. So we wanted to address the topic of cheap equestrian boots. Can we find good quality ones? What are they really worth and what are the ways to find the ideal model at the best price? Here are some thoughts on how to complete your outfit on a budget.

    cheap riding boots and quality

    Buy your riding boots cheaper without putting quality aside, it is possible. Provided you look carefully at the finishes.

    Price and technical level of riding boots

    At first glance, you might think that brown riding boots or black are relatively simple to make. And yet, designing sturdy and comfortable boots takes skill. First of all, you have to pay attention to the materials chosen by the manufacturer. If leather is preferred for the most upscale models. Because it is more noble and lets the foot breathe. Cheap riding boots are often made of rubber. In any case, they must be flexible and adjusted enough to maintain the calf and the foot without creating too much friction.the heel is also an important element not to slip in the stirrups. So the quality of the sole counts. Some are sewn and then glued, this is the most reliable technique. But on cheap riding boots, it is often simply glued and can come off over time.

    Depending on the type of boot, for show jumping, cross country, or dressage, the attachment changes. Boots with laces allow it to be tight around the leg. And zippers are quite practical. On the cheapest models, it is mostly to the zipper that is lacking. The thickness of the boot also differs between models, regardless of their price. But for winter, for example, a rider often prefers thick boots or with padded lining. You often have to invest a little more for these kinds of options.

    Riding boot prices charged by well-known brands

    Brands that make riding gear want to cater to any rider. Boot, bootie, chap, and riding boot, you can find models at all prices. If the entry-level brands offer cheap riding boots from 20 euros. The horse riding boots price can quickly soar to around a hundred euros on quality leather boots. Even some luxury brands offer their own riding boots, sometimes at prices above a thousand euros.

    Price-quality ratio

    The price of a pair of riding boots is not everything. You can have good surprises for less money. So it's more the value for money that matters to not be disappointed.

    Résistance à l’usure des bottes d’équitation pas cher

    Déformation et perte de maintien des bottes d’équitation pas cher avec le temps

    Rubber cheap riding boots sometimes tend to be more comfortable at first. But over time, they can also warp which creates a lack of support around the foot. Poor quality leather is also affected by this phenomenon. Generally speaking, more expensive boots made of well-worked leather encounter fewer problems with deformation.

    Cheap riding boots
    Cheap riding boots

    How to buy cheap branded riding boots

    For any rider who wants to get the best branded boots at a discounted price, there are several tricks to find your happiness while saving money.

    Discount Coupons

    Most brands that specialize in equestrian gear offer discount coupons. Perfect for finding cheap riding boots. All you have to do is explore the web in search of great deals. On discount coupon sites, directly on the brands' website or in store, for example. Otherwise, by buying regularly from the same brand, it is possible to get loyalty benefits including discount coupons.

    The periods of sales to buy cheap riding boots

    Sales are a well-known way to finally splurge on the item of your dreams. Riding brands also take part in these events. So, it is an option to consider to find riding boots at a lower cost. Even if you wait for the right moment.

    Previous year's riding boot stocking

    When a new collection appears, it is a good opportunity to find cheap riding boots. In this case, there are often destocking on last year's models. The outlet, in factory stores for example, represents a good source of savings.

    Private sale of end of line riding boots

    For any rider, man or woman looking for discounted riding boots, why not opt for private sales? It's a way to find the perfect pair outside of sales and on current collections with end of runs. The brands often share news on their website or their social networks, just check them riding boots of lesser quality have drawbacks. Despite this, their price is attractive and some are of decent quality, quite durable and comfortable. Otherwise, you can find models of major brands through discounts. This is one idea among others in order to find the perfect pair of boots for riding.

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