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  • Horse Pilot riding boots

    The choice of riding boots is so vast that it is difficult to navigate. leather riding boots natural, synthetic leather, rubber, with laces, a zipper or grips... It you often have to try several models of boots to find your own. Horse Pilot preferred to focus on the essentials and technology to offer a unique boot model that suits everyone.

    Our riding boots for women, men and children

    After riding pants and other clothing for riders of all ages, Horse Pilot completes its range with riding boots. To simplify sizing, we have taken the time to carefully develop THE boot. After 3 years of development, 6,000 hours of testing and 2 patent filings, our boot is launched, starting with a women riding boots.

    Why buy riding boots for riding?

    A brand of high-end riding boots

    To meet the needs of even the most demanding riders, we have designed a top-of-the-range riding boot in terms of aesthetics and concept. At some level it is difficult to find cheap riding boots.

    The Horse Pilot collection of riding boots

    The Teknit Boot is the result of research inspired by technologies from other sports. It combines the comfort of the best trainers with the performance of the best riding boots. Its 3D Knit mesh composition ensures that the boot is held in place like made-to-measure. In addition, the Teknit Boot is eco-designed. It requires as much packaging as a boot and its knitted mesh is waste-free.

    Colors for your Horse Pilot riding boots

    Riding boots adapted to the seasons and the weather

    Another reason to ride in boots, rather than boots: boots adapt to all weathers.

    Waterproof and warm winter riding boots

    Training outdoors in winter calls for a pair of winter riding boots that protect against the cold. There are also models of lined boots with a fur lining or synthetic slippers for riding boots.

    Light riding boots with breathable soles for summer

    The Teknit Boot is a fine example of lightness with its highly breathable and waterproof mesh. It offers freedom of movement, while protecting from the elements.

    Equestrian boots
    Equestrian boots

    Good quality technical riding boots for riding

    Bet on a quality boot for horseback riding in all circumstances.

    Riding boots in 3D Knit

    3D Knit textile technology is dedicated to performance and comfort. The principle consists in weaving the product directly with thread, without fabric, without sewing and with a single material. The Teknit Boot is the first riding boot designed in this way. This gives a boot that is stretchable in height and width, easy to put on, like a sock.

    Competition riding boots for women, men or children

    Perfect competition boots combine comfort, aesthetics and a good quality of contact with the horse and the saddle. Well-fitting men riding boots, women's or children's provide better footing and better control of the horse. The Tecknit Boot protects and supports the ankle leaving great freedom of movement, without extra thickness.

    Riding boots for safety

    Besides style, the boot also has a safe aspect. A 2.5 to 3 cm high heel and a grippy sole prevent the foot from getting stuck in the stirrup in the event of a fall. The boot protects the ankle from bad movements. Models like the Teknit Boot have reinforcement on the tip of the foot to protect your toes if your horse steps on you.

    Riding boots with grips and non-slip

    Boots with grips on their insides improve contact between the rider and the saddle. Rider comfort and safety also increase with non-slip soles. The <i>Diamond Shape</i> structure of the Horse Pilot boots optimizes sand evacuation, ensures foot mobility and prevents the feet from slipping in the stirrups.

    Comfortable riding boots

    Poorly fitting riding boots, misplaced zipper and the comfort of the boots disappears. Horse Pilot has made a boot without zippers, straps or laces for the comfort of the rider.

    Riding boots that adapt to the morphology of the calf

    Some models adapt to the rider's calves with rubber bands or straps. The 3D Knit mesh makes the Teknit Boot worthy of tailor made riding boots. It offers an adjustable upper and a stretchy calf part adaptable to all body types.

    High-performance riding boots

    Qualities such as flexibility and resistance ensure the boots have a longer life. They also contribute to the performance of the rider.

    Designer riding boots for riding

    The Teknit Boot is a model of boot that combines technology and elegance. Modern and timeless at the same time, it gives style, even in dressage competitions.

    Our riding boots without seams, without laces

    The material of our boots is knitted directly to measure. So, no need for cutouts or laces with the stretch mesh.

    Our tight riding boots

    The 4-way stretch knitted mesh of the boot guarantees a perfect fit for every body type. The boot is tight, without unpleasant extra thickness, including at the level of the instep.

    Our high upper riding boots

    The height of the shaft of our boots adapts to your leg. The asymmetrical cut of the top of the boot perfects the fit, without creating any discomfort at the back of the knee. Its fine stretch knit edge prevents pressure points and chafing.

    How to choose your riding boots?

    When you ride a horse, it quickly becomes necessary to equip yourself with suitable boots.

    Riding boots adapted to the level of the rider

    Rubber boots may be suitable for the beginner. While a confirmed rider with intensive riding practice will prefer more technical leather boots, effective for competitions.

    Riding boots for every equestrian discipline

    Riding boots sizes / sizes guide

    How to maintain rubber riding boots?

    If your riding boots have caught the rain, dry your boots away from the heater. After each session, remove dust and mud splashes with a soft brush stroke. For a more thorough cleaning, moisten the brush - or a sponge - rinsed regularly. Use a cream or milk to nourish the leather. Occasionally polish your hood boots with a cream shoe polish the same color as your leather.

    Equestrian boots