5 stars

training place


Best Result

  • Warsteiner winner at Aix la Chapelle
  • 1 million dollars AIG Grand Prix in 2014

The most smiling international showjumper !

A Horse?

Cadett 7 so far. Without him I would not be where I am today.

Warsteiner winner at Aix la Chapelle

A ritual ?

I pray before every ride, and having my family with me.


Always believe in yourself fight for what u want and never give up. This sport has A LOT of ups and downs and I just try to go with the flow enjoy the wins and try not to beat myself up over the losses.

Horse Pilot Crush

The Aerotech jacket for its comfort and breathability, and breeches ! Looking great even with young mum shapes...

Aerotech Jacket PAP Woman