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Olivia Minicucci





training place

Equipe Equestre Melissandre Lincourt, Riverview Stables in Quebec

Best results

  • Champion of the Adult Jumpers at WEF
  • Circuit champion of Open 1.15 at Vermont Summer Festival
  • Champion of Open 1.15 at Ottawa International Horse Show

Winner of our Ambassador Challenge 2020/2021, rider but also athlete on her own.

Why this rider?

Olivia was chosen following the Ambassador 2020 Challenge to represent our brand in the United States. She is a very complete athlete who holds high the values of women in sport. Ambassador of the Swiss brand On Running, Olivia has all the skills of a champion in addition to being a passionate rider.

Why Horse Pilot?

I am an athlete in more ways than one. While I am a competitive rider, I am also a weight lifter and marathon runner. I also have a master's in nutrition and exercise science from Columbia University. So, due to my athletic and academic background, I have a deep appreciation for your sportswear technology such as your compression breeches, the supportive muscle taping, and the thermoregulation gear. In the riding world, I would always strive to find outfits that were built for athletes, but were also stylish. So, the fact that HP synergistically combines class, tradition, and modern athletic technology was what really sparked my love for the brand. I also love that the breeches are higher in the back, taking into consideration our shape and types of movements while we ride. Yet, they are lower in the front, giving a flattering and youthful aesthetic. Finally, being in the health world, I appreciated the introduction of the airbag technology, which de-stigmatizes the idea of protective vests by appealing to riders that don't want to compromise their competitive aesthetics. In the end, HP embodies everything I stand for as an athlete, as a health professional, and as a self-proclaimed fashionista.

Olivia's favourite

I absolutely adore my Tempest ! On a cool summer morning, it makes for the perfect layer over a show shirt. I also love to use it as a training jacket at home. It offers just the right amount of heat, and also makes for an amazing layer under a jacket during the winter. I love its fit, and overall sporty look!

Any tip?

There are many things that I have learnt over the years.

  • You can never repeat your course too many times
  • Whatever happens on track, let it go
  • If you get nervous, find a phrase to say at the in-gate to give you confidence and or make you laugh
  • Positive self talk: You can do this. You are ready. You will be great
  • Trust yourself and trust your horse