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training place

Ecurie Bost, Haras des Brulys, Barbizon, France

The Team

  • Cyrille : Stable Manager
  • Bosty : the Leader
  • Nicolas : international rider and coach
  • Clémentine : rider
  • Thibaut : rider

Family as a foundation

Why this team?

Our partnership with Bosty inevitably had to include the crack team that supports him on a daily basis. Nicolas, Clémentine, Thibaut and Cyrille are dedicated riders in constant quest of performance. Their regularity as well as their daily philosophy in the respect of the horse reflects the image of Horse Pilot. It is a truly complementary team in which each can be brought to help the other.


Thibaut, Roger-Yves and Nicolas wearing the Ariia polo shirt.

Why Horse Pilot?

Bosty : The brand fits perfectly with our family's state of mind: sobriety, technicality and efficiency.
Nicolas : I chose Horse Pilot because it is above all a French brand, whose products combine technicality and comfort in all weathers, which is important every day for the practice of our sport.
Clémentine : Horse Pilot managed to make very nice clothes with super nice colours while keeping materials adapted to the sport, very comfortable.
Thibaut : Horse Pilot is a brand that combines aesthetics and technique.

The team's favourites

Bosty : the Softlight
Cyrille : the Tempest
Nicolas : the Essential and the Tempest
Clémentine : the Essential
Thibaut : the Celsius

Any motto?

Sobriety, technicality, efficiency


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